The answer is an overwhelming YES!


Did you know that four out of five large to medium companies worldwide rely on outplacement services to support departing employees as a result of a restructuring, merger or leadership change. 

While most organizations provide outplacement services to help separated employees land a new career opportunity as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption, there are also sound business reasons to get this right.

Worldwide, 85% of the organizations that offer outplacement indicated that it was very or extremely important for them to maintain positive relations between current and departing employees. Further, 83% provide outplacement as part of the company’s overall business strategy to restructure and be more competitive.

It’s in the organization's best interest to take care of departing employees, as the effort will affect your future recruitment and retention efforts as well as your ability to mobilize internal talent towards new responsibilities and assignments inside the organization.  The way departing employees are treated will not soon be forgotten by them, by the people with whom they share their experience, or by the remaining employees.

Remember how you treat your people is a direct reflection on your culture and your brand value.